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DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education

DKG Quebec

We are all in this together!

DKG Quebec

Educate, Engage, Inspire
Lead the Way!

DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education

DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education


Our professional educational committee always has the next workshop, initiative, or sharing session ready.  We offer both local and international events.
Come learn with us. 

Fellowship & Scholarship

Fundraising goes back into the education community in the form of mentorship, grants to teachers and scholarships for the newly graduated.

Teacher Support & Meetings

Once a part of our community, you are no longer alone.  Our network of educators both locally and abroad bring support to our members in all forms.

Greetings from Dianea Phillips

DKG President

Hello all!
I am Dianea Carroll Phillips, President of DKG Quebec. On behalf of our organization, I would like to invite you all to join us for our amazing Speakers Series events. We would love to have you as our guests. Be a part of the ever changing climate in education as we navigate the new age of teaching and learning during this pandemic.

Come and meet our incredible DKG Quebec members! Learn more about the opportunities we can offer educators. We are here for educators, support staff, administration and all those involved in touching the lives of our learners. ​Our organization, in collaboration with DKG International, promotes professional and personal growth of women educators as well as, excellence in education for all.

Find out more about us today on Facebook, Twitter and right here on our website. Click on our links and learn about the amazing opportunities we offer.  We look forward to meeting all of you! 



We hope to continue to support educators who want to share their talents and ideas with like minded professionals.

About us

DKG Quebec joined the DKG International Society in 1956. The Quebec chapter connects you to hundreds of organizations as allies to support women in education.


Everything we do is designed to meet specific needs of the community.  Our purpose is to support women in education whether through mentoring or through scholarship; to support teachers in the classroom; and to encourage professional growth.

This foundation has a vision of creating a better world for teachers, partnering with global and local organizations to widen our reach, increasing our membership and helping you.

Speaker series 2022-2023

Supporting excellence in the field of education. Keeping you current on this ever changing industry.

Speaker Series

Supporting excellence in the field of education. 
Keeping you current on this ever changing industry.
Time for next session DKG

Time for next session

Date: Tuesday, December 13
Time: 7 pm EST




Costs DKG

Costs (CAD)

Minimum $10 Donation


DKG Membership

Membership is a click away.

Fundraising Spotlight ArtsCan Circle

ArtsCan Circle’s mission is to encourage self-expression and self-esteem in Indigenous and Inuit children and youth in remote northern communities in Canada through a cooperative exploration of the arts. ArtsCan Circle sends teams of artists to facilitate week-long creative art workshops. Children and youth are encouraged to find their voices and express themselves through their art.

So far, ArtsCan Circle has distributed 50,000 harmonicas in 16 northern communities, impacting 10,000 children.

Since 2018, DKG Canada has contributed almost $12,000 ($11,612.50) to our Canadian Project, ArtsCan Circle, to fund workshops in the far north.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in person workshops have been halted; however, online workshops are being offered at #ArtsCanConnects in music, creative writing, arts and crafts, and reaching out through inspirational and motivational talks by Indigenous leaders such as Buffy Sainte-Marie.

“These kids have lots to say, and we have lots to learn from them. Our job is simple: to inspire these kids and give them the tools to breathe in their world and breathe out their music.” 



“Working as an administrator in education can be difficult and lonely at times.  In  DKG Quebec, I have found a community of amazing women who share many of my  interests and concerns.  I love the opportunities to learn and share but to also have some fun too.”

“If I could rate DKG Quebec an 11 / 10, I would.  I love what they do, what they stand for and the supportive network they have created.”

“During my teaching career I found that the fellowship I experienced whilst a member of the society was most inspirational and motivating. Now as a retiree it is still most important to me.”

“I love to learn things I can take back into the class and use with students.”

Join a global movement

DKG Quebec is your gateway to a worlwide organization present in over 15 countries.

Federate Members

DKG Quebec are proud to be federate members of the Montreal Council of Women.

Our Associates

Relationships are at the heart of what we do.  A special thanks to you all. 

Contact Us

We look forward to meeting!

Whether you are interested in becoming a member, registering for our speaker series or simply wish to contact us, fill out the form to the right.

We welcome women educators from all fields  of study including education. Our organization would love for you to share with us your interests and passion for teaching and learning! 

If you would like information about any of our events, meetings or programs, please fill in the contact form on the right of this page.

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