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DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education

DKG Quebec

We are all in this together!

DKG Quebec

Educate, Engage, Inspire
Lead the Way!

DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education

DKG Quebec

promotes professional and personal
growth of women educators
and excellence in education


Our professional educational committee always has the next workshop, initiative, or sharing session ready.  We offer both local and international events.
Come learn with us. 

Fellowship & Scholarship

Fundraising goes back into the education community in the form of mentorship, grants to teachers and scholarships for the newly graduated.

Teacher Support & Meetings

Once a part of our community, you are no longer alone.  Our network of educators both locally and abroad bring support to our members in all forms.

Greetings from Dianea Phillips

DKG President

I am Dianea Carroll Phillips, President of DKG Quebec. On behalf of our organization, I would like to invite you all to join us for our amazing Speakers Series events. We would love to have you as our guests. Be a part of the ever changing climate in education as we navigate the new age of teaching and learning.

Come and meet our incredible DKG Quebec members! Learn more about the opportunities we can offer educators such as scholarships, Fellowships, pedagogical development and social events. We are here for educators, support staff, administration and all those involved in touching the lives of our learners. ​Our organization, in collaboration with DKG International, promotes professional and personal growth of women educators as well as, excellence in education for all.

This organization is open to teachers and educators from all disciplines. Whether you are an experienced educator or a novice, DKG Quebec is for you! Come and discover a world of collegiality, social connectedness and like minds. Bring your skills and interests to our growing and dynamic organization. Find out more about us today on Facebook, Twitter and right here on our website. Click on our links and learn about the amazing opportunities we offer.  We look forward to meeting all of you! 

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We hope to continue to support educators who want to share their talents and ideas with like minded professionals.

About us

DKG Quebec joined the DKG International Society in 1956. The Quebec chapter connects you to hundreds of organizations as allies to support women in education.


Everything we do is designed to meet specific needs of the community.  Our purpose is to support women in education whether through mentoring or through scholarship; to support teachers in the classroom; and to encourage professional growth.

This foundation has a vision of creating a better world for teachers, partnering with global and local organizations to widen our reach, increasing our membership and helping you.

The Speaker Series is completed for the 2022-23 year. DKG thanks you for your support! Stay tuned for future events!


DKG Membership

Membership is a click away.

Fundraising Spotlight The Art for Aid Project / The Sew & Sew Skills Lab

The Art for Aid Project and the Sew & Sew Skills Lab are two Indigenous education projects that are run through the Canadian registered charity, I Love First Peoples. In consultation with members of DKG Ontario, both of these projects were thought to be very beneficial and, should this be selected as the Canada Project for the next biennium, we would recommend that all money raised would be divided equally between the two projects.

The Sew & Sew Skills Lab equips remote community schools with sewing labs, including quality sewing machines and a full complement of sewing supplies, so educators can teach valuable life skills through traditional projects in the school setting. Support for this program not only equips the classrooms but also covers the costs of shipping to remote regions of the north and across Canada. The program’s replenishment and school wish lists are addressed annually.

The Art for Aid project currently supports over sixty-four (64) Indigenous schools across all of Canada. Every province and territory in Canada has at least one school involved in this project.  Most of the schools are kindergarten to grade 8.  The project connects Indigenous youth to art through access to quality art learning tools to support educators in providing art exploration for youth in remote communities in Canada. Art is a powerful medium that brings healing, ignites creativity and gives youth a voice. Boredom is one of the greatest contributors to poor mental health; coupled with isolation and poverty, mental health becomes a high priority for young people and art can help youth in powerful and positive ways. Art spans language and allows young people to have a visual voice.

Donations for this program are greatly appreciated. Please send donations to to the attention of Ardis Root. 

Grants, Awards and Scholarships



DKG International Fellowship Grant

In 2012, McGill University became a site for the DKG international world fellowship grants. International students attending McGill University can apply for a four thousand dollars grant (4,000$) through Gamma Province Quebec. A short list for all the applicants is forwarded to DKG International in Austin, Tx, where 30 women are selected to receive a grant.

Gamma Province Quebec contributes annually to World Fellowship Grants.

There is no World Fellowship Grant for 2022/2023.


The Delta Kappa Gamma Dr Sarah Paltiel Award

Presented annually to an exemplary undergraduate student completing her first year in the McGill Faculty of Education

In honour of our member, former Classroom Teacher, Specialist, Consultant, Supervisor, Vice Principal, Principal (at PSBGM), Academic Dean (Vanier College), Director-General (AJDS), Director General (Dawson College), Emeritus Governor (McGill University), Order of Scholastic Merit (Government of Quebec), Honorary Doctorate of Laws (McGill University), Order of Canada.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Dr. Mildred Burns Award

Presented annually to an exemplary graduate student in the Leadership Program in the McGill Faculty of Education.

In honour of our member, former Classroom Teacher, Department Head, Superintendent of Schools (Nebraska), Deputy Director of Curriculum (California), Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Educational Administration, Researcher, Noted Consultant, Author and Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Planning for Quality Education (McGill University), and author of The Wolfe Pack, a personal family history.

To support this fund, send your donation to:
Gift Services, Delta Kappa Gamma, Dr. Mildred Burns Award
McGill University, Rabinovitch House
3640 de la Montagne
Montreal, QC, H3G 2A8

The Adult Education Award

Presented to an exceptional graduating student or a student with financial need attending an Adult Education or Vocational center at the English Montreal School Board or the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

The Marianne Davis Early Educator Award

The Early Educator Award was named after Miss Marianne Davis, a school consultant at the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM), now the English Montreal School Board (EMSB), in 2016 when she celebrated her 100th birthday, and DKG Quebec celebrated its 60th anniversary.  

The award is given to a teacher in her second or third year of teaching to help her supply educational materials for a project or classroom. 

The Evelyn Eaton Award

Presented to a French Second Language teacher at the English Montreal School Board to cover the materials required to implement an innovative instructional project.

Evelyn Eaton, a founding member of Gamma Province was a French Consultant at the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (now the English Montreal School Board) who authored many French Second Language textbooks used in schools across the province of Quebec.

The STEAM Educator Award

The award of $200 is given to an elementary educator in Quebec who creates engaging lessons and creative learning opportunities in the classroom through cross-cultural approaches. This is demonstrated by fostering STEAM skills: problem solving, collaboration, creativity, ingenuity, critical thinking, and communication. The candidate is asked to describe how they implement
STEAM-oriented lesson plans, cross-curricular STEAM approaches, and participation in STEAM events or professional development activities.

The Distinguished Educator Award

This award is presented to an educator in recognition of the significant impact she has made in her field through her character and her accomplishments.


The Community in Crisis Scholarship

Awarded to a student from a community in crisis in Canada or abroad attending attending a university in her home country. 

During the period of 2010 to 2012, Gamma Province sponsored a medical student in Haiti, whose mother, the family bread winner, was killed during the earthquake.

The Founders Scholarship, Gamma Province

The Founders Scholarship, established in 1990, is awarded annually in honour of the 1956 founders of Gamma Province Quebec. The purpose of the scholarship is to aid members of Gamma Province in pursuing graduate or post-graduate study or professional development. An application must be completed by March 15. An updated curriculum vitae along with a statement regarding your goals and how the scholarship will be applied are required. 
In any given year, applications for university study will take precedent over those for professional development.



“Working as an administrator in education can be difficult and lonely at times.  In  DKG Quebec, I have found a community of amazing women who share many of my  interests and concerns.  I love the opportunities to learn and share but to also have some fun too.”

“If I could rate DKG Quebec an 11 / 10, I would.  I love what they do, what they stand for and the supportive network they have created.”

“During my teaching career I found that the fellowship I experienced whilst a member of the society was most inspirational and motivating. Now as a retiree it is still most important to me.”

“I love to learn things I can take back into the class and use with students.”

Join a global movement

DKG Quebec is your gateway to a worlwide organization present in over 15 countries.

Federate Members

DKG Quebec are proud to be federate members of the Montreal Council of Women.

Our Associates

Relationships are at the heart of what we do.  A special thanks to you all. 

Contact Us

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Whether you are interested in becoming a member, registering for our speaker series or simply wish to contact us, fill out the form to the right.

We welcome women educators from all fields  of study including education. Our organization would love for you to share with us your interests and passion for teaching and learning! 

If you would like information about any of our events, meetings or programs, please fill in the contact form on the right of this page.