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DKG Quebec

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DKG Quebec joined the DKG International Society in 1956. The Quebec chapter connects you to hundreds of organizations as allies to support women in education.

Everything we do is designed to meet the specific needs of the community.  Our purpose is to support women in education whether through mentoring or through scholarship; to support teachers in the classroom and to encourage professional growth.

This foundation has a vision of creating a better world for teachers, partnering with global and local organizations to widen our reach, increasing our membership and helping you.


DKG is an International Society, founded in 1929 in Austin Texas, of key women educators whose aim is to unite women educators with the goal to advance their professional interest and position. DKG Quebec joined the DKG International Society in 1956. 

  • ​Our purpose is to support women in education whether through mentoring or through scholarship; to support teachers in the classroom; and to encourage professional growth.
  • Our aim is to encourage professional development and to support educators.
  • Our intention is to participate effectively in society and to provide an opportunity to hone the necessary tools to do it effectively.
  • We provide leadership opportunities.
who we are

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


​DKG Quebec established and continues to support two scholarships at McGill: the DKG Dr. Mildred Burns Award for Leadership in Education, and the DKG Sarah Paltiel Award for Excellence in Education.  We also offer the DKG World Fellowship Grant which provides opportunity for women at McGill from any country except the United States of America and Canada.

​We have also established the Evelyn Eaton Award, to honour our first President, a founding member, who was a Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM) French language consultant.  We give this award each year to a school/teacher in the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).  As well, we present the DKG Adult Education Award to one of two students in rotation through each of several School Boards: EMSB, Riverside and LBPSB.

​Through our Community in Crisis Scholarship, we can offer support to students and teachers who are in a crisis situation.  At present we support three high school students in Haiti.

​DKG Quebec is a federate member of the Montreal Council of Women (MCW). Several of our members have been and are very active in MCW:  Dr. Mildred L. Burns, Georgie Crawford, Frema Engel,  and Beverly Townsend have all been successful in winning the Woman of the Year Award.

Locally, we contribute to Giant Steps: A school for students with with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Internationally, we partner with the United Nations on the Schools for Africa Project.

Nationally, we support ArtsCan Circle as our Canadian Project.  Mike Stevens and his team visit communities in the far north and give workshops to indigenous youth.  For more information go to

We also donate to various International DKG scholarships and funds.


​We hold dinner meetings once a month from September to May to raise funds to support our projects. ($15.00 for members, $20.00 for non-members, $10.00  for students).  Guest speakers are invited to stimulate our intellect and perk our interest. (See a list of our yearly meetings under Meetings and Special Events.)

​Our own members have an opportunity to apply for small grants to support their post-graduate work, and/or to apply for monetary support for conventions.  There are also opportunities for our members, and non-members, to apply to DKG International for grants

Student teachers in the last two years of their degree may become Associate Members for a reduced membership fee.

​We hope to continue to support women and students for many years to come. We hope to do so by attracting bright, interested women who want to share their talents and ideas


DKG QUEBEC – Principles of Understanding and Agreement for Collaboration

In the spirit of genuine DKF Quebec fellowship, we the members of DKG agree to:


  1. Hold ourselves in a manner that champions all who are in our fellowship as we unite women educators in DKG Quebec.
  2. Work in a collaborative, supportive spirit that advances the professional interests and positions for each our member.
  3. Honour those who have, will and continue to give voluntarily, their distinctive service to the committees, activities, meetings of DKG Quebec.
  4. Support the interests of our colleagues, members and those in the DKG sisterhood with open minds and hearts providing them with the freedom to express their ideas in an environment that is both receptive and respectful.
  5. Adhere to Robert Rules at all meetings as a means to maintain an environment that is conductive to productivity and progress.
  6. Have all committees within DKG follow these principals for the betterment of DKG Quebec.

Our Mission

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

Our Vision

Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.

Our Purposes

1. To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship
2. To honour women who have given, or who evidence a potential for, distinctive service in any field of education.
3. To advance the professional interest and position of women in education.
4. To initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation in the interests of education and of women educators.

5. To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate studies and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries.
6. To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action.
7. To inform the members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society.

Delta Kappa Gamma Song


Women teachers to the calling
Firmly rally, never falling,
Duty ne’er upon us palling
Staunch, courageous we!

Loyalty and trust e’er heeding,
Mindful of our sisters needing
Aid and guidance from those leading,
Helpful may we be!

To Delta Kappa Gamma
Faith we pledge forever!
Hand in hand our loyal band,
Forward moving ever!

Onward! ’tis our sisters need us,
Courage, Faith, and Honour lead us!
Wrongs in truth and justice heed us!
Firmly shall we stand!

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We welcome women educators from all fields  of study including education. Our organization would love for you to share with us your interests and passion for teaching and learning! 

If you would like information about any of our events, meetings or programs, please fill in the contact form on the right of this page.